Thursday, February 26, 2015

4 Prequel TV Show Spin-Offs We'd Like to See

With the blockbuster success of AMC's Better Call Saul, it's very likely that we'll see a plethora of copycat tv shows trying to cash in on the latest tv show concept .....

Empty House

Before Little Michelle, Uncle Joey and the rest of the cheese factory that made up the cast of the highly successful Full House, there was booze, broads and plenty of cocaine. See how Dan "The Man" Tanner went from laid back ladies man, to diaper changing dipshit Danny Tanner on Empty House.

Needs Improvement

Before Tool Time and before talking to odd neighbors with hidden mouths and such, Home Improvement's Tim The Tool Man Taylor was better known as Tim the Fool man. Rather than a do-it-yourself tv show, Tim produced cheap porno films and eventually found himself in a sticky situation where he had to snitch on a major cocaine kingpin and would eventually spend 2 years in prison. Oh wait, that's exactly what happened to him in real life! It's ok though, reality television is huge these days.

Das Our Kramer

If you watched Seinfeld, then you know that there was always something rather fishy about Kramer. His character constantly gave off this vibe that he was hiding something. That something, was that Kramer was a White Power Nazi and German defect on the run from Interpol, and what better way for him to hide than in New York next door to an oblivious Jew. Fucking racist bastard, no wonder he never had a real job.

Stormin' Norman Peterson

Norm Peterson was a vigorous and vibrant young go-getter who spent his time righting the rights of the world and helping those in need while on his way to becoming a promising politician with the necessary never-say-die attitude that he could use to potentially change the world, however (and this is one hell of a however), the night before his first big campaign speech, he made a campaign stop to a local social club to spread the word on the importance of education reform in this country, and in an attempt to relate to the patrons at the establishment known as Cheers, Norm drank his first beer, is the rest is history.

C'mon now, let's get to work on these programs, I'm looking at you Fox, but damn, I'm especially looking at you NBC, you need a need sitcom like a crackhead needs a hit.

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