Monday, February 16, 2015

4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Watching "Better Call Saul"

By any chance do you remember one of Bob Odenkirk's (Saul Goodman) final lines he spoke during the Breaking Bad series finale? Well I do, and he very specifically told a war torn Walter White (Bryan Cranston), that if he's lucky, when it's all said and done, that he, Saul Goodman, will be the manager at the local Cinnabon in Omaha, and sure enough, in the first scene of the first episode of Vince Gilligan's newest dark dramedy "Better Call Saul," America's favorite lawyer was in fact, making tasty desserts at the Cinnabon in Omaha.

Folks, the title of this post is NOT a typo, but you will have to read the post to see what I'm getting at in regards to quite possibly the greatest spin-off since the famed Full House continuation series Stephanie Loves Crack While Pregnant, oh wait, that was real life, anyway, here are 4 of the best darn reasons why you should pass on AMC's latest smash hit, Better Call Saul........

Those Taxes Ain't Gonna Do Themselves Ya Know!

Why treat yourself to thrilling entertainment when you can get to work on them taxes ya' got. Besides, what were you thinking when you started that LLC "Asshats 'R' Us," now your taxes are going to be difficult and really fucked up.

Your Foot Golf Game Clearly Needs Work!

What the hell is going on here? You went from the 237th ranked "best foot golf player in the world," all the way to the 271st best player in only one season? You won't get that Nike contract you've been hoping for since you first kicked a ball at age 3 with that type of production. But let's face it, you probably won't get a Nike contact or a date if you play foot golf.

The Big Cross Country Road Trip to the Redwood Forest Protest is Coming Up!

See that bum in the back? Every hippie group is required to have one of those.

Nothing says "committed to cause" like a bunch of peace smoking potheads piling into a VW bus and traveling across the country to protest the destruction of redwood trees, after all, every single multi-million and billion dollar corporation ever created has it in their best interest to take their P's and Q's from a bunch of college and high school dropouts who rarely shower and call anyone with a full time job a "sellout." Example quote from one of these distinguished fellows..."Wow man I can't believe you're giving your soul to "the man," don't you realize there's way more to life than soap and electric can openers and such, oh wait, hang on a minute man, my iPhone is ringing." 

Apparently, There's Better Shows You Could Be Watching

Why watch brilliance in television, when you can watch one of the 100 or so viral video shows or that new competition elimination show where carpenters compete to find out who is the handiest of them all. (BTW I'm not making this up, it's called Framework, and it's on Spike TV, check your local listings if you enjoy crap).

In conclusion, if you don't watch tv at all....fine, but that's about the only real acceptable excuse for not watching Better Call Saul. -EE

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