Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Man Beats Wife on Wedding Night After Failing to Get Her Dress Off

Damn, perhaps this Macklemore look-a-like contest winner should have bought his wife's dress from a thrift shop

DURHAM, ENGLAND - What started out as a dream wedding from heaven ended in a nightmare from the lowest realm of hell for the bride.

After a delightful ceremony in St. Mary’s Church in the village of West Rainton in County Durham, England, the reception for Dawson and her new husband, her long-term partner and father of her child, Gavin Golightly, in nearby Beamish Hall was full of love and laughter.

Then, at 12:55 a.m. the following morning, the newlyweds decided to retire to bed and Amy Dawson (Bride) asked Gavin Golightly (Groom) to help take off her wedding dress. After a few failed attempts to remove the dress for some "bow chicka wow wa," Golightly felt the only reasonable action to perform at this point was to jump outta his chair and punch his new wife and mother of his child with a closed fist numerous times.
Golightly claimed his drink may have been spiked (with what? adrenaline). He also said the prime rib dinner may have provoked his anger because it was "so good it'll make you slap your mama."
No word if his mama was slapped or even present at the ceremony. -EE

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