Sunday, March 1, 2015

MTV Legendary Program "Pimp My Ride" Was Almost Completely Fake

For 6 amazing seasons, MTV brought joy to those who were in the unfortunate financial position of owning a beater-ass piece of shit car. When these people were presented these new souped up vehicles, you could see the level of hope in their life skyrocket, and personally, I felt good for these people especially since I myself have owned a beater car or two and haven't always been in the best spot financially. So you can imagine my dismay when the facts about the actual validity of the show were uncovered.

Three separate owners of automobiles modified by the MTV phenomenon have come forward to say that the modifications portrayed by the show were often removed or altered before they actually got to leave with the car. Each of them talked with Huffington Post, and all three of them recanted very similar stories.....for instance, after filming, the producers would "take back" some of the more outrageous features added to the car, and the stuff they left behind didn't work all that well. 

For Justin Dearinger, who had his 1997 Toyota Rav 4 tricked out with a pop-up champagne caddy and a drive-in theater, both of those were taken out before the film crew left. Seth Martino's '99 Nissan Maxima got a transforming stereo system complete with a robot arm, but the "robot" was actually remote-controlled by a production crew member and had a bunch of loose wires hanging out, and the cotton candy machine in the trunk didn't have a dome, so strings of sticky sugar got all over the place.

Pimp My Ride's  producers claims that those modifications were made for "safety reasons," but that just begs the question as to why they would install them in the first place? We already know the answer, simply because it looked cool on television. MTV's audience didn't want to watch mechanics put in more horsepower or actually fix the car's mechanical problems, they wanted plasma screens and goofy gadgets, and that's what they got.

Another misleading part of the show, was that producers often messed with the cars beforehand to make them look even more jacked up then they actually were.

pimp my ride fail
The man in this photo was very upset because according to him, he did not become a pimp as promised by Xzibit and West Coast Customs, can't imagine why.

When you watch the show, it looks like the garage is jamming through the pimping process in just a few days, but the reality was worse. Some vehicles would remain in MTV's custody for a long as six months. MTV only paid for a few months of the rentals, forcing the poor schlubs to hold on to receipts in hopes of eventually being reimbursed, in many cases they were not.

And as I previously mentioned, the cars did not receive the necessary mechanical improvements to help the cars run better, Justin Dearinger's car eventually burst into flames while he was driving it due to the excess weight derived from all of the "pimped out" additions. 

Jake Glazier got his 86' Buick Century pimped out. He received a 22 inch subwoofer that came with a turntable in the glove box. Glazer summed up his Pimp My Ride experience by saying..."The problem with the show is, they don't fix any of the mechanical issues, and my car was a piece of shit. What they did was make my piece of shit exceptionally awesome, which is great, just not great enough to drive on roads. In the end, Glazier ended up selling his car for $18,000 simply because of the massive stereo system, he bought the car for $500, all in all not a bad transaction.

At least he achieved his dreams of starting his own record label!

Karma is a bitch though, after ripping off so many people with a hustler grin on his face, Xzibit's pimp would eventually come to collect....the rapper filed for Chapter 11 last year. Guess he won't be poppin' his collar anytime soon.

In conclusion, if you were ever jealous that the Pimp My Ride crew never showed up to your door, you can now sleep a little easier knowing that the pimped out rides they produced never lasted on the streets that long. -EE

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