Saturday, August 22, 2015

Subway Jared...The Man the Adoring Public Never Really Knew

One of the most trending topics in news is the shaming of Subway Jared. 

Jared Fogle brought a new level of interest in the Subway Sandwich Shop by promoting the health value in specific Subway subs, and his own accomplishment of losing over 100 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches everday. The chain's popularity spiked and now there are more Subway locations than that of McDonald's.

When the story broke of several allegations, mostly sexual assault on children, the world found out who this prick truly is, and with that being said, you have to wonder who else plays it off like a seemingly flawless role model, and yet feels the need and desire to perform unthinkable acts in their private lives.

What a dirty shitfuck. -EE

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