Friday, September 11, 2015

8 New Laws If Kanye West Became President

If you didn't hear (or care or just simply didn't pay attention, understandable) Kanye West is running for President of United States. Here are some laws and policies President West would enact as the new "Leader of the Free World."

Father's Day will be changed to Jay-z's birthday

Northwest would no longer be a direction

Yeezianity would now be the only religion allowed, and Christmas would be changed to Yeezmas
Image result for yeezus

Everyone would be required to wear Nike Air Yeezy's (he actually said this)

Foreign policy would become a disaster

Paparazzi would only be allow to take a photo of Kanye on his "good side"

The presidential debate would be less "debate" and a hell of a lot more of this

But the most important change would be Kanye showing his incredible dancing talent before every major political event

I think Snoop Dogg would be a much better candidate. -EE

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