Friday, September 4, 2015

Man Who Tried To Sell Filthy Socks As Pot Learns His Fate

What began as dirty laundry turned into a tale of deception and some smelly-ass socks.

ADRIAN, MICHIGAN - A couple looking to buy a pound of grass gave $2,800 for a backpack stuffed with dirty socks.

Michael Suarez, 33, pleaded guilty to committing fraud through false pretenses. The unarmed robbery charge was dropped. Suarez will call prison home for the next year to as much as 7 1/2 years due to Michigan's habitual offender laws. He has 2 other felony convictions.

Suarez stated that the whole ordeal began with a phone call from a friend who asked Suarez to bring a pound of marijuana to his home, his friend had some people waiting to buy.

"I didn't bring any weed, I brought a bag of socks," Suarez testified.

After Suarez fooled the marijuana buyers, he sped away from the mobile home park where he dropped off the weed and ran a stop sign on Gady Rd. at Occidental Highway at about 1:30 AM. They were stopped by a Raisin Township police officer, during the traffic stop, a man pulled up in a car and told the officer his girlfriend was just robbed by the people in the vehicle.

Shouldn't the guy and his girlfriend get charged with conspiracy? -EE

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