Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DirecTV Commercial with Samuel L. Jackson

Hi, I'm Samuel L. Jackson, and I have DIRECTV....

and I'm "what the fuck do you mean you ain't got the money yet" Samuel L. Jackson, and I have cable.

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DIRECTV offers the best quality picture and audio on the market, and their customer service reps are some pretty nice folks!

Those nickel and dime motherfuckas went and cancelled the Oxygen Network!

DIRECTV offers many different packages for every budget, starting at $24.95 a month.

Your motherfucking service tech was to be here between 2pm and 6pm, well it's 6:01 and none of yo dipshit, knuckle head corn bread techs have arrived yet!

DIRECTV offers service plans that will cover not only your television, but also your tablets, desktop computers and laptops!

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I'm pulling this cable right out the back of this damn TV, because yeah it deserves to die, and I hope it burns in Hell!

Don't be like this me, upgrade yo shit to DIRECTV, what you waiting for? Pick up the God damn phone and call you certifiable snot-nosed bastard!


  1. I think I can safely say that if this actually existed, I would never hit the skip button if it came up as a Youtube ad. And that's saying a lot, because damn do I love skipping those things.