Monday, November 30, 2015

Kobe Bryant to Retire After the Season

Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.

Kobe Bean Bryant will retire on April 14, 2016, one day after the last Laker regular season game next year (I think it's safe to say they aren't headed to the playoffs). After this season, all we'll have is memories, here's a few to start with.

Here is Kobe's NBA Draft video.....

What? What? What? 13th pick? Charlotte Hornets? What's even worse is that Charlotte traded Kobe for Vlade fucking Divac, Vlade Divac! Here is a tweet from Kobe regarding that situation almost 20 years ago. Grammar noted, but I can't just change the man's tweet!

Kobe never did get that sixth NBA title he wanted, so what does that say for his legacy?

It shouldn't mean shit to anyone but Kobe, the sixth title and changing his jersey number to 24, was all about chasing his idol, Michael Jordan. To us, he'll likely be the last great dominant player we'll see for a long time, and by dominant, I don't mean shooting threes all day (Steph Curry), I mean someone, who just by standing on the court, brought a level of intimidation that has not seen since Michael Jordan. An absolute threat in every aspect of the game, a man who feared none and is reveled by all.

So was he better than MJ? Yes, he was way better than Magic Johnson, lol.


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