Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ronda Rousey: Searching for Buster Douglas

I'll admit I was rather skeptical about a women's division in the UFC.

The talent in the UFC women's division however, is uncanny. Street fighters, martial artists and of course, Ronda Rousey. 

Ronda Rousey is likely the best pound for pound fighter in the world right now, and she's not afraid to let you know that.

However, the great part about the UFC, is that they don't let you duck opponents like other athletes in other combat sports like boxing. Rousey's era is similar to Mike Tyson, which has us wondering if she'll ever meet her "Buster Douglas."

After over 30 defeats and no losses, Mike Tyson would lose to Buster Douglas. In reality however, Tyson lost to himself. Boxing was becoming secondary to Tyson and he just didn't have the same focus he used to. Every fight was becoming easier than the last leaving Tyson without a formidable challenge. Douglas simply took advantage of Tyson's mindset at the right time and stunned millions watching the fight as he knocked out the seemingly unbeatable champion.

One of the most infamous "moments of clarity" in sport history.

Between money, fame, betrayal, his marriage and his ego, Tyson's never say die mentality, the same mentality he used to fight his way from the Catskills in New York to Caesars Palace, was no where to be found when he lost to heavily unfavored James "Buster" Douglas. This was the beginning of his downfall as a boxer, and as a person. 

With that being said, what is the world's most dominant athlete, Ronda Rousey doing to stay humble? Not much. Between her movie roles, celebrity status, a growing list of endorsements, endless praise, and an ever growing ego, Rousey is starting to douse herself in the hype that surrounds her. To Rousey's credit, it hasn't affected her in the octagon yet. 

Rousey must continue to be able to ride the wave as one the most recognized, and respected women's athletes in the world, while still holding on to the humbleness required to excel in one of the world's most vicious sports in the world that doesn't allow mistakes, and requires 110% focus at all times..

With that being said, who is her next opponent?


Holm crushed the controversial Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino

Holly Holm is a multi-talented boxer and kickboxer who has 16 title defenses in 3 different weight classes. Holly Holm is also undefeated in MMA, which includes a win (pictured above) against an opponent that some insiders believe Ronda Rousey may be dodging. She is considered by some to be the best welterweight women's boxer in history, and is far and away the most experienced fighter Rousey has faced, as well as the tallest.

Holly Holm is what Ronda used to be, undefined, under appreciated and very fucking hungry. Her ground game remains questionable, but she hasn't needed it considering the fact that she has never been knocked down or taken down in MMA competition.

Many of the fighters that Rousey has faced, were under experienced, and were mostly just amateur street fighters. Holly Holm has the skills, and has the experience.

Holm is not intimidated by any opponent or hype that surrounds them, she has been a world class athlete for most of her life in at least a half dozen sports and has the competitive drive and experience needed to compete against Rousey.

Can Holm pull of the upset? Anything can happen in the octagon. -EE

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