Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rousey VS Holm - The Aftermath

To be honest with everyone, when I predicted a Ronda Rousey loss, that was mostly based on the fact that I'm not a huge Rousey fan, and I just felt like she was letting the bright lights of Hollywood and a number of other outside interferences distract her from her main priority. Honestly, I was like everyone else who thought this fight would end in less than a minute or two.

However, I think when these two (Rousey and Holm) were brought to the middle of the octagon for instructions, I think a stark reality entered the minds of a lot of people including myself when we saw how much stronger and athletic Holly Holm was.

As far as the people who jumped off the Rousey bandwagon are concerned, I think they should be given a break because after the fight, a lot of people felt like Rousey had been playing everyone all along and was never as good as she lead on.

When the media and the fight world held her up as "the greatest woman's fighter ever" along with Rousey herself saying things like "no one can beat me" and "I want to fight Floyd Mayweather" and crap like that, she really opened herself up to jokes and criticism when she got beat down like a loud ass little brother on Saturday morning.

So where does this leave Rousey?

I don't know, she's still an amazing human being in so many ways, but she's no longer indestructible.

A short time ago, Rousey said she wanted to be an action movie star and an author and a whole bunch of other stuff that is unrelated to fighting. Her opinion and presence was highly respected because of her status as an unbeatable fighter. When that was taken away from her, will the validity of her opinion and presence be gone as well?



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