Friday, November 13, 2015

The Do's and Don'ts of Facebook

Facebook is a trend that never stops trending, as a matter of fact, Facebook is often the standard for creating trends one way or another. 

Unfortunately however, people continue to abuse and misuse the site, hell, we're all guilty in one way or another, but some people are just unacceptably stupid when it comes to using Mark Zuckerberg's gift to the world, oh and by the way, watching stupid people post, is one of the best and most entertaining things about the site. 

So keep in mind, the following presentation is only here to help you NOT be one of those people, so without further adieu, here are some of the most significant do's and dont's on Facebook.

Post statuses that are meant to make your friends laugh, think, or benefit others!

Kind of a lame example, yet very positive, and also offers the overworked, unappreciated and gravely underpaid employees at Attest Retail some much deserved kudos! Nice job Sanders!

Post statuses that are intended to make your friends feel guilty or ruin their day, in other words, go whine to your fucking Mother...

We've all had a bad night or two like Krystin, but Ben is 100% correct. The ONLY point of this post, was for Krystin to get people to feel sorry for her without any possibility of a resolution, and look what else happened, her first-world problems and bad grammar cost her Ben's Facebook friendship!! Krystin should run face first into a steel molded soap dispenser at a dirty gas station!!

Post original pictures, funny images and thought provoking memes

Clever and appropriate, Mike is clearly a God amongst ants!

Post pictures of sunsets, meals and especially this particular type of selfie

Exactly how many double-decker moron mcmuffin w/ cheese sandwiches did you eat this morning? ANY selfie where you are acting like you don't know the camera is there, is beyond the level of douchebag represented by any cast member of MTV's Jersey Shore. 

I guess the meal meme speaks for itself, as far as the latter of the three photos, is there anything less original than a picture of a sunset, and to make matters worse, a bad picture?

Use your FACE for your Facebook picture

Never be ashamed of your own face! Why? Because you are great goddammit!! Don't be afraid to show the world that!!

Use anything other than your face for your Facebook photo!

You are not a dog, or a cartoon, or a oldies sweatin' legend, or a baby, or even a baby chinchilla dammit!! If you can't use your own face, (excluding certain exceptions) don't have a Facebook account you asshole! I mean just think, you wouldn't have a bank account with no money in it would you?

Share any and all life happenings you deem significant!

This post is funny and engaging and no one is taking themselves too seriously, it's also fun for those not involved to read and might bring a much needed laugh to their day!

Share your most miserable personal business

There is a 99% chance Lynette's next post will say something like "why are all of my so-called friends spreading rumors behind my back, will my true friends please stand up?"

That's like a celebrity who acts like the paparazzi is bothering them outside they're favorite diner, even though it's a known spot for paparazzi to take photos! Please ban yourself from any internet usage.


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