Saturday, January 30, 2016

Twitter Responses to Amber Rose's tweet to Kanye West

It would be safe to stay that Amber Rose's recent tweet regarding her and Kanye's personal life took a lot of us off guard, and it looks like Kanye was caught slipping as well. Here are some of the best responses to this monumental tweet........

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I will let you find it yourselves, but the Amber Rose tweet to Kanye West was Hiroshima in <140 characters.

: Tweet your face when you read Amber Rose’s tweets to Kanye West.”

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Amber Rose & Kanye West Are Gonna Get Back Together 
*Remember This Tweet

Kanye West's ex Amber Rose recalls her real-life 'Pretty Woman' story -

this is all I could think of after seeing your tweet to .
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 Jan 28
Because of and his dislike of fingers in his BUTT used CODE BUTTTICKLES & get 25% discount at RETWEET!

Amber Rose on Kanye: "He's a f*cking clown"

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 Jan 27
LMFAO💀💀💀 so is a thumb in the butt type of guy you say

Kim after reading Amber Rose tweets to Kanye

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  Jan 27
Kanye West has no choice but to make getting fingered in the butt mainstream now he is our only hope

Always been a big fan but his new jam stinks

And now a long-distance dedication to from . Track #1 from :

   Jan 29
. has changed his album title once again, to NO BUTT STUFF

Does LOVE a finger up his butt-butt


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