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5 Reasons Why Batman VS Superman Could Suck

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The Dark Knight trilogy and The Man of Steel has created a new generation of interest in DC Comics' films.

So why could the sequel, "Batman VS Superman: The Rise of Justice," possibly fuck up the roll Warner Brothers and DC Comics are on with Batman, Superman and the 10 or more DC Comics films planned over the next 5 to 6 years?

Here's how....

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman may not be a threat to Planet Earth, but she could threaten to single-handedly ruin Batman VS Superman depending on how much she is involved. 

Superman and Batman are arguably the two most popular characters in the DC Comics Universe. You couldn't go anywhere on the planet and find people that aren't familiar with the two superheroes. Wonder Woman, not so much. 

Before 2014, when the beans spilled that Wonder Woman would be co-starring in BvS, she wasn't really all that relevant outside of the comic-book geek world. Aside from an appearance or two in a few of the DC Comics animated films, Wonder Woman hasn't been featured in any television or movie adaptation since the late 70's.

If this movie were a basketball game it would be Lebron James VS Steph Curry, featuring Rajon Rondo.

In reality, the only thing Wonder Woman adds to this film is the possibility of cheese.

Ben Affleck

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I don't dislike Ben Affleck. Hell, I'm probably the only person alive who didn't completely hate his version of Daredevil.... as a matter of fact, I guarantee a large part of the success of Netfilx's Daredevil, was the fact that everyone was familiar with the character because of the 2003 film of the same name starring Affleck. However, I said I didn't hate his version of Daredevil, I didn't say it was a good film by any stretch of the imagination. But it doesn't mean Affleck is a bad actor, it just means he doesn't fit in this type of role. Affleck's endless list of pitiful rom-coms stacked up over the years, among other shitty films (such as Forces of Nature and Gigli) doesn't help his case.

The only reason I think Affleck has a shot at portraying the caped crusader successfully, is because this version of Batman, and real-life Ben Affleck are not so different, they both seem to be over the realities of a life marked with incredible success, as well as regret. 

Warner Bros. is trying to fit way too much content into a two and a half hour film

Even though the film is titled Batman VS Superman, at least six new DC Comics characters have been confirmed for the movie. Batman VS Superman will feature the first attempt for a live action film to feature Aquaman and Cyborg portrayed by Jason Mamoa and Ray Fisher respectively, with Ezra Miller as The Flash.

The biggest complaints about Spiderman 3 and The Amazing Spiderman 2 was that each film didn't spend enough time with the development of new characters, which led to a revamping of the franchise after each film. With that being said, how the hell are they going to develop 6 or 7 new characters for an upcoming Justice League film? Seems rather sloppy considering Marvel had a stand-alone film for every superhero featured in Avengers (except for Hawkeye and Black Widow), this supplied both of the Avenger films the background story it needed.

The Nolan Brothers are not involved

This is an extremely significant fact.


Before 2005, Warner Brothers considered Batman as the movie franchise that couldn't be saved after two Bat films directed by Joel Schumacher became the laughing stock of Hollywood. The films were so catastrophically awful that not a single writer, director or producer would come near the franchise for 8 years (that's a eternity when you consider Spider-Man has been recast twice in nine years). But we all know this story had a happy ending as the Nolan brothers would create an Academy Award winning trilogy for The Dark Knight.

After producing The Man of Steel, the Nolans went in a different direction and aren't involved in Batman VS Superman in any way. With that in mind, Zack Snyder has taken over producer, writer and director roles in this film, so expect a different kind of film. 

That could be a good or a bad thing.

The Ridiculous Amount of Revealing Trailers and Internet Leaks

For the love of french toast, was there anything they DIDN'T reveal in the 10 or more different trailers for Batman VS Superman?

Not really.....

*****************************SPOILERS BELOW***********************************

Let's see if I have this correct. The film starts with Bruce Wayne's perspective of the Metropolis disaster caused by the insane fight between Superman and General Zod which kills thousands of innocent people, this leaves Bruce Wayne to believe that Superman is a threat because of his God-like capabilities. This causes Batman to come out of retirement to stop Superman... Batman starts his angry romp by roughing up criminals worse than he used to because he's old and angry. This leads Clark Kent the reporter, to take an obvious interest in Batman since the caped crusader has made it clear that he doesn't like Superman and believes he is better off dead. 

Lex Luthor joins the fun by instigating a fight between the two and even gives Batman a way to defeat Superman which he uses to actually defeat Superman, but not kill him. He holds him hostage in the Bat Cave until wise old Alfred the butler releases him and explains to Batman that "he is not our enemy." 

Wonder Woman happily enter the fray, first at a fancy dinner or charity event or whatever and then get then gets involved by becoming the voice of reason for Batman and Superman to come to a truce. 

Meanwhile it turns out that Lex Luthor, who is jealous of Superman's abilities, has found where the government has been keeping General Zod's corpse, and evidently turns him into the supervillain "Doomsday" in a modern day Frankenstein-style scene. 

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman defeat Doomsday but then are ambushed by another supervillian that director Zack Snyder has managed to keep as the only secret this film has left.

One of two things will happen, either the Justice League unites to defeat this villain or they spend the last part of the film introducing the Justice League and save the mystery villain for the next film. 

Oh and lastly, Lex Luthor develops some type of illness from handling Kryptonite and loses his hair.

Any questions?

BTW, some of these details were leaked on various websites as well as the trailers. With that in mind, how much of an audience has the film lost because of its uncanny predictably? -EE

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