Saturday, February 20, 2016

Man Skips Work For More than Six Years Still Received Salary, Benefits and Even an Award

Cadiz, Spain - For six years, water treatment plant supervisor Joaquin Garcia, 69, received a $41,500 annual salary as well as benefits from his government employer.

So why is that significant?

Because in those six years, Garcia never came to work! Garcia is now being fined $30,000 by the Spainish Government. According to Spanish officials, this is the largest penalty their legal system could deliver in this situation.

Deputy Mayor Blas believes that Garcia got away with missing for work for so long because his fellow employees believed he was relieved of his duties and they were given to someone else.

Garcia stated he began to miss work because he was the victim of bullying.

Deputy Blas discovered the payroll miscue after he was notified that Garcia was due to receive an award for years of loyal and tireless service.

Garcia his since retired and the Spanish government has upheld his $30,000 penalty. -EE

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