Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Brian Johnson Booted from AC/DC

Earlier this month, after 36 years, it was reported that AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson and the rest of the band, had mutually agreed that it was time for Johnson to retire due to ongoing health-related issues. Scott is not the first lead vocalist or band member to leave the group (8 other group members including Johnson were fired, quit or died). In February of this year, Johnson and AC/DC postponed a few shows after learning that Johnson was suffering from hearing loss and just needed a quick time-out. 

Brian Johnson himself tells a far different story.

According to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer, Johnson's hearing condition wasn't really that bad, and founding member Angus Young was looking for just about any reason to toss their third lead singer in 43 years. Johnson claims that before the group had made any type of mutual decision, all of his luggage showed up on his driveway, he later received a message from a 3rd party telling Johnson that the band wishes Johnson the best of health, which left Johnson feeling like he had been kicked to the curb without a thorough explanation.

Johnson also further stated that he and Angus originally agreed that they were only going to postpone a few more shows and then make them up on a later date.

AC/DC is currently looking for a replacement vocalist for the now defunct Johnson, but Johnson believes they already have someone in mind and says fans should expect at least 2 to 3 more "final" tours. -EE

UPDATE: AC/DC added Axl Rose (Guns and Roses) to their group as lead vocalist.

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