Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cinema Authority: The Witch

Some films disappoint you, but The VVitch will literally cause you to go ask the theater jockeys for your money back. 

What's even worse, is that I've lost a ton of respect for top film critique website Rotten Tomates, whom awarded this ghastly collection of stupidity an 89%, oh and by the way, RT is owned and produced by Time Warner and Warner Brothers, so it's not the free-mined site we've all come to accept it as. Corporate Chowhounds!!!

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The problem with today's big budget horror movies is that they often use too much CGI, and every film has a number of similarities between them: the jump scare, the ridiculous monsters, the chanting background music and a few others. They just aren't scary. 

In fact, a whole new genre of film has been created (horror-com) where the movie is as much a comedy as it is a horror flick - stupid!

The Witch was terrible, I don't know how this film developed so much hype, with some headlines saying "this is the scariest film in 30 years" or "this is a horror film unlike any we've ever seen."

The only thing scary in that movie theater was the cost of small bag of Tostitos and a cup of melted cheese which they define as nachos and charge $11,00 for. 

Here is the final call on The Witch.......



  1. Haha... thanks for saving me 90 mins

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    1. Yes, but how will I get MY 90 minutes back!!!