Thursday, April 21, 2016

An Open Letter to the UFC

Dear UFC,

What happened?

Over the last year or so, it seems like you folks have taken a huge step back rather than one forward and I would like to know why.

How could you strip Jon Jones of his Light-Heavyweight Championship? A man who made hundreds of millions of dollars for your company. Why? Because he got in some trouble? Your sport features grown men beating other grown men nearly to death and you're worried about your reputation?

Stop trying to be like pro-wrestling. The entrance themes often feature old hip-hop songs or a song that has no business being played during the entrance of a combat fighter. Only a chosen few have celebrity swagger. Mixed-martial art fighters are often quiet until a bell rings and it's time for them to perform their chosen profession. There is no need for acting, ever!

Don't use Connor McGregor's retirement* as a major headline for your sport, you can't control the rest of the media, but you can control your own. No man is bigger than the entire sport, not McGregor, not Silva (Anderson), not Jones, not anyone.

As of late, it seems like fighters are getting injured in record numbers, namely champions. The UFC needs to make sure there is some type of thorough investigation into these injuries. The injured fighter must be obligated to provide full medical documents to the UFC. 

If the UFC is already being provided with medical documents, then they should have to make the reports public, it seems like somebody is hiding something.

You are off to a good start toward "being great again" by bringing back Jon "Bones" Jones this weekend though.


*UPDATE: Connor McGregor told ESPN he is NOT retiring, and is still planning on fighting at UFC 200.

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