Friday, April 8, 2016

The Walking Dead and the Controversial Season 6 Finale

This past Sunday, AMC's top-rated drama, "The Walking Dead," aired its sixth season finale. Approximately 14,193,00 people tuned in to see the debut of new character, Negan, and to find out which cast member was gonna to receiver an unfortunate ending due to Negan. Unfortunately for eager fans, the character who was killed off the show, was not revealed, and the new season doesn't start until October leaving a major cliffhanger that won't be revealed for six months.

A number of websites and blogs have theories as to who Negan killed. But nobody really knows for sure. A petition on is calling for AMC to reveal the killed off cast member in a webisode or short episode before May 30th, AMC has not responded and likely won't respond.

Executive producer Scott Gimple immediately responded on the after show, The Talking Dead, by saying that he completely stands by the season 6 conclusion, stating that this would not the first time a major television drama ended their season with a cliffhanger.

As most fans know, The Walking Dead is adapted from a popular comic book series of the same name, but the show doesn't always follow the comic's story line. Main plot points are generally replicated however.

According to The Walking Dead comic books, it is Glenn who is killed off and has his head beat to mush by Lucille (the name of Negan's bat), and many others believe that its Glenn because a YouTuber made a video of the audio featured during the last seconds of the season finale slowed down, many believe that it sounds like people are screaming for Glenn, but again, the show doesn't always follow the comics, and the writers know that people often compare the show to the comics, and in the interest of keeping the show unpredictable, the writers often change plot outcomes and add new characters. For example, in the comics....
  • Rick's hand is chopped off by the Governor.
  • Daryl doesn't exist.
  • Rick's baby was killed in the prison.
  • Carol's daughter was never killed.
  • Carol committed suicide.
  • Walkers are labeled as walkers and zombies.
  • The Governor is Hispanic.
  • Morgan doesn't have a peaceful bone in his body.
With those things in mind, it's not even close to a guarantee that Glenn was killed.

The Bottom Line: Cliffhangers have been used in television shows since the inception of television, hell, they had cliffhangers on the old radio shows (before television), so why the fuck are people so upset? Fans have no business delegating how the show should play out, if you don't like it, don't watch it (1st-world problems). -EE

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