Sunday, October 16, 2016

Anti-Anthem Quarterback Colin Kapernick Plays Likes Shit In his First NFL Game In Almost a Year

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Even his hairstyle seems to be angry.

I'm really starting to believe that San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kapernick, has been playing everyone. Ever since Kap began performing like garbage last year, he started answering questions with one word or simply refusing to speak to the media altogether. He knew this was garnishing him publicity. 

So when Kapernick became the backup quarterback behind Blaine Gabbert (also a shit gargling QB), he decided to make everyone else feel like shit, and draw attention to himself by kneeling down during the National Anthem as a protest to the way African-Americans are treated in this country.

I do agree with his argument, but I can't seem to shake the idea that the only reason he did it was to keep himself newsworthy, just enough to stay on the team and to possibly get a chance at becoming the starting quarterback again. Today, he got that opportunity.

His numbers weren't terrible (187 pass yards, 66 yards rushing, 1 TD) but losing by almost 30 points isn't anything to celebrate, which says that the Niners have far bigger issues than who their quarterback is. -EE

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