Saturday, October 8, 2016

Will New Video End Donald Trump's Historic Run to the White House?

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I say that Trump's presidential run is historic because history will be made whether he wins or loses. Never in the modern era has anyone with literally no background in public service managed to put up such an incredible run. Trump's rhetoric along with his no-nonsense approach makes him seem relatable, it's this strategy that has Trump at the top of the GOP ticket this election cycle.

His lack of political knowledge and ettiquette, makes his campaign look like the biggest practical joke this country has ever seen, however, Trump has a way of shaking things up, which at the very least, makes him entertaining.

However, this time he may have finally crossed the line.

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This time Donald Trump may have exposed himself as a crude and sexist pig.

The most vile example of the GOP presidential candidate's obnoxious attitude toward women emerged this past Friday in an unedited 2005 conversation between Trump and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

"Grab them by the p#&sy," Trump told Bush. "You can do anything, when you're a star they let you do it."

A number of celebrities politicians, celebrities and of course bloggers were appalled by Trump's comments, most notably Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R), and Trump's own running mate Mike Pence (R) - IN.

Here is the NSFW video.....

To be honest I'm actually not a huge fan of all the dirt digging performed by political campaigns, but this is a regular interview with a national publication regularly seen by millions. This was not a closed interview between Trump and one of his employees that was secretly taped. He knew this would be shared and heard by everyone, and he didn't care. 

Is this what we want for our women? -EE

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