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Ben Affleck's New Batman Movie: What We Know so Far

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Rumors have been running amok for the last year or so about a solo Batman movie featuring Ben Affleck. Well, the rumors can be put to rest, as Warner Brothers has announced a Batman solo for the near future. Here is what we know so far.....

Ben Affleck will direct
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Affleck had a long run in the early 2000's of shitty movies, mostly rom-coms and action movies that flopped like a South American soccer player trying to get the sympathy of the refs, at that time it was hard to take anything he did seriously. So Affleck started getting serious, and over the last 6 or 7 years his films have gotten better and he has added legit director to his resume, some of his directed films include The Town, Gone Baby Gone, and the Oscar award winning film, Argo.

The film will be titled "The Batman"
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Yup, and why not, most of the criminals refer to him that way. However, Ben Affleck stated that as this is the title of the film, it's only the working title and is open to change, but as of now, is the working title.

Deathstroke will be the main villain
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Recently, Ben Affleck tweeted a picture of Joe Magliano suited up as Deathstroke (and sent the internet into a frenzy) and stated that he would be The Batman's main baddie. Many are questioning where this photo came from since The Batman hasn't actually started filming. Some believe Deathstroke may make his debut in the Justice League film and that's where the shot came from or this photo may have come from a screen test. To learn more about Deathstroke click HERE

J.K. Simmons will portray Commissioner Gordon
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Can't have a Batman movie without Commissioner Gordon can you? Of course not....not a bad choice either.

Deathstroke won't be alone in his plight against the Caped Crusader
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Geoff Johns, who is co-writing the script along with Affleck, has stated that Deathstroke will be joined by a few other villains, especially since Arkham Asylum is expected to be an intricate part of the film. I think another Joker cameo is likely but who knows for sure. 

I just hope they get it right.

"The Batman" is tentatively scheduled for an October 5th, 2018 release date. -EE

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