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Ronda Rousey: What the Hell Happened?

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Shocked? Upset? Disappointed? Yeah, you're likely not an actual fan or very knowledgeable when it comes to mixed martial arts or the UFC.

Ronda Rousey, once, again suffered an embarrassing defeat in front of millions. So what exactly went wrong for the former women's UFC World Bantamweight champion at UFC 207? It's actually not a difficult concept to understand.


Rousey may not and should not be remembered as an inspiration or a pioneer for women's mixed martial arts, but rather as way in for them.

When UFC president and mixed-martial arts mastermind Dana White created a women's world championship, he simply handed Ronda Rousey the title and declared her the champion without any type of deciding tournament or title fight of any kind. White did this because he knew that Rousey was very attractive and marketable, and at the very least, not a complete hack like many of the women that competed early in the women's bantamweight division. Many of the hardcore women's combat fighters who weren't as easy on the eyes as someone like Ronda Rousey or Miesha Tate, were often considered too masculine for "men's entertainment."

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This is how Rousey finished almost all of her opponents, if you watch her last fight against Nunes, she got hit about 15 times with her guard down because she kept trying to grab Nunes in hopes of wrestling her to an armbar, but Nunes didn't play that shit and neither did Holly Holm.

The fact is, is that Rousey never had a very ambitious hand-to-hand combat background. Sure, she was a bronze medal-winning judo fighter, but competitive judo is nothing like cage fighting, it is very controlled and people don't leave the judo map covered in their own blood. 

Rousey was successful early in her MMA career because she was, and is, very small. This was a significant factor because the stronger, and more experienced womens combat fighters were often taller and heavier. Rousey and her camp knew that it would be harder to find more suitable opponents for this reason. This scheme worked great for Rousey until the interest and money for MMA women's fighters began to skyrocket. 

At this point, more women were getting sponsors and financial backing making the sport and weight class more accessible to the more experienced and better women's fighters. That's why the first time she actually fought someone who knew how defend against her armbar, she got decimated. The architect of that decimation, Holly Holm, has more combat fighting experience than most of Rousey's previous opponents (and Rousey) combined. 


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Rousey was a huge inspiration and very vocal about the "power of women," a confident bad ass who was feared and respected. She became a media sensation who ruled over women's fighting and carried herself with an heir of perfection..... until she lost. 

When Ronda Rousey lost, she lost big. No problem though, Mike Tyson was knocked out after rolling opponent after opponent, he made a comeback and proved that he was above his defeat, and when he did lose, it wasn't in a completely one-sided fashion. Even in defeat, perfectionists can still build great and meaningful legacies.

When Rousey lost however, her entire world fell apart, she refused to do interviews until months later and cried on the Ellen Degeneres Show while stating that she was also suicidal after her defeat. That truly showed how immature and selfish Rousey is deep down. Gone were the days of challenging Floyd Mayweather and people questioning whether or not she should compete in the Men's division (how fucking laughable was that).


Ronda Rousey was NEVER what people thought she was. She was the right person at the right time and knew the right people. Rousey's mother (who looks like she never met a cigarette or a narcotic pain medication she didn't like) excused her daughter's action by saying that the reason Rousey didn't do media after the fight like EVERYONE else does is because no one is more obsessed with winning as much as Rousey is. 

That's a load of bull shit. Anyone, who trains for months for a single fight is just as committed to winning as Ronda Rousey was. And the fact that she partially blamed her busy schedule for her losses is laughable, the UFC never required her to be the terrible actor she is, or to appear on late night shows and commercials etc., she made that choice.

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And as far as the recent WWE rumors are concerned, I don't think any of the women's wrestlers would be willing to take a dive for someone who got their head bashed in as easily as Rousey did. She needs to take Amanda Nunes's advice..."Take your money and retire somewhere." -EE

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