Monday, April 10, 2017

Man Dragged Off Airplane After the Flight is Overbooked

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I guess a fear of heights isn't the only thing commercial airline passengers need to be weary of these days...

CHICAGO, IL - An Asian man pretending to be a doctor was thrown off of a United Airlines flight headed to Louisville, KY under strange circumstances.

According to a number of passengers on the flight, the crew on board informed passengers that they had overbooked the flight and were forced to randomly select 4 people to be removed from the plane, this was after the crew offered any person who volunteered to leave the flight $800. No one on board accepted the offer. 

By law, all commercial flights are required to possess a minimum amount of crew people dependent upon the size and amount of commercial passengers on board.

United Airlines had no other choice than to choose at random who would have to vacate the flight. A short time later, two names were drawn, and both passengers left the plane without incident. However, the third selection was a gentleman that clearly had no understanding of the explanation as to why it was requested that he leave the plane. Security had no choice other than to drag him out since he resisted heavily and scowled like a whipped boar.

Here is the 2nd video where he goes on a repetitive rant, as you can clearly see, he is confused and ornery, if he would have cooperated, he could have taken the next flight and received $800 as an added bonus, but apparently it wasn't meant to be.

How in the blue hell did he talk his way back on the plane? Normally, when you act like that on a commercial flight, you are likely banned from flying for life. -EE


  1. Delta should have offered more money. The backlash of a stunt like this will cost them millions in lost revenue and whatever settlement they make. Delta offered $800.00 and a hotel room. This guy is supposedly a "Doctor". $800.00 bucks is nothing to a doctor these days. Up the offer. Everyone has their price and everything is for sale! To involve local authorities was the dumbest thing they could have done. Now there are 2 lawsuits. Against the police and against Delta,

  2. As I do agree, I just don't see why people can't cooperate with things like this. He was at O'Hare, he could just as easily taken the cash and the next flight. Someone was going to have to get off the plane, it just so happened that they selected him. The first two people got off the plane without incident, why couldn't he get off? Because he made a fuss, he never got to see his "patients" in Louisville as most major news outlets were reporting that he's still in the hospital.