Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Berenstain Bears Lost Books

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The Berestain Bears have been captivating audiences for generations. Their tales of lessons learned and hysterical brand of hi-jinx has sold over 260 million copies in 23 languages all across the world!

But did you know that some of their best work never reached the shelves in bookstores? Finally...five years after the death of the last living author of the books, The Berestain Bear Lost Books are finally released to the public. Here they are in no particular order...

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The Berenstain Bears get a very abstract and close-minded speech about racism and refugee bears from a recently unemployed Papa Bear, who now spends most of his days drinking cheap whiskey with honey. 

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Looks like Papa Bear has had just about enough of Brother Bear's intolerable insolence at home, as well as his unjustifiably poor grades at school. Shit's about to go down in Bear Country! Satisfaction is on it's way.

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Sister Bear has graduated from weed to meth, will she get her shit together in time to compete in the Bear Country Bake-off?

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After Father Bear is sentenced to 2 years for domestic violence (repeat offender), it just so happens that Mama Bear's new boyfriend, ain't no saint on Sunday either....

Sister Bear has been hooking for three damn weeks and somehow has no money to put in Brother Bears hand....

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I don't know why those Canadians thought it was a good idea to setup camp in Bear Country, as you can see, that was a mistake....

Collect them all!! -EE

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