Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Strangest Items Ever Sold on eBay

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It is without question that eBay has changed the way we shop. Millions of items are sold on the mega-site everyday. But some of the items I've seen over the years have really made me scratch my head in disbelief. Not only the items themselves, but also the amount of interest the items generated, I guess it's like they say "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Here are some of those questionable items.

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People truly love their sports memorabilia. But there are others who are simply insane when it comes to collecting items from their favorite athletes. In this case, several hundred people bid on "the air from Kobe Bryant's last game." The bidding went all the way up to $13,600 until eBay stepped in and removed it. 

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A college education is often the foundation for a successful life financially. Kari Smith wanted one so bad for her son, that she was willing to give up her own integrity for it. 

Kari Smith and Golden Palace online casino agreed upon a $10,000 payment to Smith in exchange for a permanent billboard on her forehead. Crazy as it was, many people praised Smith for her commitment to her son, and aside from the $10K, she also received another $40k from various donors, most of them anonymous.


This was a radio interview gone wrong, really, really, really, wrong.

Radio Host Tim Shaw has an afternoon talk show in  Great Britain. As a part of "Shaw's" act, he would often flirt with guests even though he was a married man. Shaw's wife was not fond of this "act." 

So what the hell does this have to do with eBay? Everything!

One afternoon while Shaw was interviewing glamour model Jodie Marsh. He took the interview to a very flirty level when he said he would like to leave his wife and children and marry her instead. Unfortunately for Shaw, his wife (who was fed up with his flirting on the radio show) heard this and was not too happy about it. She listed his Lotus Espirit Turbo for sale on eBay with a "Buy it Now" price tag of only 77 cents.

Many believed that this was a on-air prank, however, Tim Shaw shortly began a downward spiral into madness which included a break-in to his program directors house, and several arrests on numerous charges. He was fired from the radio station shortly thereafter, and, is still married.

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Anything is for sale on eBay, most notably, life changing information.

A man in Boca Raton Florida stated that he had discovered the meaning of life. For a small fee, he was willing to disperse the information as well as his method of obtaining "the meaning."

The man (who's real name remains anonymous), who successfully sold his information after a 10-day auction, has not disclosed the buyer or the information to anyone else.

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One of early 2014's earliest fashion trends was Pharrell Williams brown hat. This hat looked something like park ranger/canadian mountie style headwear, pretty horrific shit indeed. However, when you're Pharrell, you can make anything look like the most wanted "accessory" in fashion.

Since Pharrell's hat garnished show much attention, Williams thought it would be best to auction the hat to the highest bidder on eBay, and then give his auction earnings to charity. 

Arby's (yes, the roast beef giant) placed the highest bid for $44,100, with the running joke that they were "happy to buy their hat back." If you look at the Arby's logo, you'll notice the hat in the background of the design looks somewhat similar to Pharrell's hat.

Pharrell Williams donated the $44,100 he received for his hat to the charity "From One Hand To AnOther." If you would like more information on this great charity click the link to the website HERE

air guitar

The results of this eBay ad concludes that their is STILL hope for society. 

Some drug-engulfing sociopath created an eBay ad for an "air guitar!!" Yes, a freakin' air guitar!! The ad also states that it is "brand new, unopened, and undamaged!! The best part about the instrument, according to the ad, is that the air guitar is autographed!!

But don't worry, no one made a bid. Even eBay buyers have limits when it comes to complete stupidity. -EE 

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