Thursday, June 1, 2017

Why Do You Hate Lebron James so Much?

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Lebron James is an incredible athlete, a great father, an excellent husband, an immaculate philanthropist, an awesome role model, and basically an all-around incredible person (he even does a little acting). 

So why is his public persona mostly a hated one?

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Is it because your scared that maybe, just maybe he's better than Michael Jordan? Or that he could possibly be the greatest basketball player of all time? Why would that be so bad? People aren't going to forget about Michael Jordan. People didn't forget about Gordie Howe after Wayne Gretzky came into the fray. 

Is it because he's rich? No, there's plenty of uber-rich athletles. 

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Is it because of "the decision" special? Many people hated Lebron after this because he came off as so cocky, that he needed a half-hour special to announce what team he was going to sign with after he became a free agent. In actuality, Lebron was offered $2 million to make his decision on television. He saw it as an opportunity to raise money and bring awareness the "Boys and Girls" clubs of America, WOOOW! What kind of an ingrate raises money to help others?

Nobody batted an eye when Jordan said "fuck you" to all the fans who loved him and bought his shoes and worshiped him endless when he left basketball in the prime of his career to do what? Play baseball?

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Most former teammates of Jordan would tell you that he was the greatest player of all time, but he was also likely the first person to tell you that. Michael Jordan is an alcoholic, heavy gambling, womanizing player. I still love Jordan though lol.

My point is, is that there is really no reason to hate Lebron James. If don't want him to be the greatest player of all-time, that's ok. Because a statement like that could never be a fact, it will always be an opinion. He can be whatever you want him to be. 

But damn, give the guy the respect he deserves. -EE

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