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DC and Warner Brothers Are Moving Toward Dropping Ben Affleck as Batman....5 Possible Replacements

This is not photoshop, Affleck once portrayed George Reeves (the guy who played Superman on the the 1950's tv show).

Ben Affleck may have already turned in his cape.

According to multiple reports, (THR, Variety, EW) Ben Affleck may be on his way out of Gotham after the Justice League film. The solo Batman movie continues to experience delays after Affleck stepped down from the director's chair, which left Affleck upset, however some recent developments are suggesting he may leave altogether.

Here's a quick timeline of events surrounding the Batman solo film (originally expected for a 2019 release).

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Summer 2013: Warner Brothers announces a multi-film deal with Ben Affleck. Affleck will portray Batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel.

Summer 2015: Ben Affleck is officially tasked with writing and directing a solo Batman film and possible trilogy for Warner Brothers.

March 2016: Warner Brothers releases: Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film gets so-so reviews, however, Ben Affleck's "Batman" is considered one of the high points of the film.

October 2016: Ben Affleck tweets a photo of Deathstroke, who is rumored to be the villain in the upcoming film in full costume. The internet goes bananas!! It was later disclosed that the photo was likely taken from the Justice League film and not from the solo-Batman film which hasn't began filming at this point.

January 2017: Ben Affleck and Warner Brothers announce that Affleck will step down as director of the solo Batman film. Rumors are swirling around Hollywood that this decision was made because the Ben Affleck directed "Live By Night," was a colossal box-office flop (WB lost about $75 million). WB has stated they will still use Affleck's script. WB also announces a working title for the film..."The Batman."

February 2017: WB names War for the Planet of the Apes director, Matt Reeves as the new director of "The Batman."

This week: After careful consideration, Matt Reeves announces he will not use Ben Affleck's script for "The Batman." Within days of this announcement, multiple sources are reporting that Affleck will leave the role of Batman behind. 

This year at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, a member of the press asked Affleck directly if he would be leaving the franchise after the Justice League film. Affleck poignantly delivered a response where he said how cool it is to be Batman, and that he thinks Matt Reeves is an incredible director...yada yada yada ... but fails to actually confirm or deny this rumor. It's a good possibility that Warner Brothers made some type of legal agreement with Affleck that he would not be allowed to announce his exit until after the DVD version is released next year.

So what does this mean? Only time will tell. Affleck could just be butt-hurt about the fact that Matt Reeves threw his script away. Money and time heals all wounds. I don't think Affleck is going anywhere, but if he does, here's who we think could best fill Batman's batshoes...or is it batboots....bat clogs?

Batman is one of the world's most cherished personalities. It's important to fill his shoes with someone who has every necessary intangible. Here's who we think might just work....

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Jon Hamm - Absolutely. Jon Hamm has the look, stature and charisma necessary to replace Affleck, how could you go wrong? I mean damn, he looks exactly like Bruce Wayne from the DC comic books.

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Luke Evans - The only reason I might not consider Evans (Fast & Furious 6, Beauty and the Beast), is because he has a Welsh accent that's thicker than a week old bowl of oatmeal.

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Michael C. Hall - Michael C. Hall (Dexter) has plenty of experience characterizing a psychotic anti-hero, "The Batman" may be just the opportunity he needs to leave his "Dexter" personality behind.

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Karl Urban - Urban has a fairly impressive Hollywood resume. Urban is not usually casted as a leading man, but he does have plenty of action film experience (new Star Trek films, Dredd, Riddick, Thor: Ragnorok).

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Jake Gyllenhaal - Gyllenhaal has been a Hollywood staple for nearly 20 years. There doesn't seem to be any type of role he can't handle.

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The Rock - Just kidding, I would rather pass a kidney stone than ever see The Rock go anywhere near a Batman movie. Frankly, I would just be fine if he never acted, I mean appeared (sorry for suggesting he was an actor) on film again.

BTW, I realized something interesting, George Reeves was the 1950's Superman, he would be replaced by the 1970s and 80's Superman, Christopher Reeve. Ben Affleck played George Reeves's Superman character in Hollywoodland, and now, Ben Affleck is might be leaving the role of Batman because of director...Matt Reeves. 

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