Tuesday, August 15, 2017

An Open Letter to Ezekiel Elliot

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Dear Ezekiel,

Are you seriously going to appeal your six-game suspension? As far as I'm concerned you should have been arrested. The fact that the NFL had to waste time and money to investigate a series (not one) of incidents involving you and your ex-girlfriend is ridiculous. 

I guess we should all forget the text messages you sent to your ex-girlfriend, such as "there's nothing you can do" and "I'm untouchable." I'm sure you would say your phone got hacked though huh?

It's not a big deal though right? I mean it's not like you got arrested for a weeks worth of physical violence towards a woman, even though anyone else would have been, but wait, that's because you are a superstar and you work for Jerry Jones, or maybe because we should just take your word for it huh?

And we should all believe that you aren't torrid towards woman right? It's not like you've ever done anything else like that...er wait a minute...didn't you pull down a woman's shirt during a St. Patrick's Day event? Yes, you did, because it's on video.

This reflects a piss poor pattern of judgment, and there is no excuse for that, but of course, you walked away because again, you work for Jerry Jones.

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"Not on my watch, you woman groping shitbag!!"

Well guess what, you also work for the NFL, and as much as everyone hates Roger Goodell (I don't, I think the man has brass balls), you have to do what he says. And he says that assaulting women is not cool, is he wrong?

So basically you're appealing the fact that assaulting women is wrong?

Don't worry Zeke, because even if you beat your suspension (keep in mind, Tom Brady couldn't even beat Goodell), the companies who were going to endorse you (probably for millions) won't forget what you did. 

Maybe you should appeal the decision, more attention should be brought to the fact that you are a piece of shit.

Warmest Regards,

Emil Russell Frissell Elm III

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