Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Jersey Man Jumps Car Over an Open Drawing Bridge in Terrifying Stunt to Save Family

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A New Jersey man is being hailed as a real-life stuntman.

Terence Naphys made a split second decision that save his families' life. Naphys and his family were on their way to the beach when a piece of the Thorofare Bridge began to open without warning. 

Naphys acted quickly and put the pedal of his Toyota RAV4 to the ground. Thankfully, the car cleared the 6 foot gap and no one in the vehicle was hurt.


It seems that operator error is to blame for the incident. According to Naphys, the operator who collects the toll told him to proceed, unaware that a second operator had opened the bridge for a passing fishing boat.

"We got near the end of the span that was lifting, we were nearly hanging off and suddenly my says 'I think the bridge is rising,' so I jumped on the gas and flew over it and landed on the concrete on the other side." 

Naphy's further stated that he was 100% sure that if he had not acted the way he did, his family, and a family friend that was present in the vehicle, would all have died tragically.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I think my wife said it best when she said "once that family gets some attorneys involved, none of the passengers that were in that car will probably ever have to work again." -EE

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