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Why the F#@k are People Mad at Mark Wahlberg?

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This past Sunday, Michelle Williams brought MeToo founder, Tarana Burke to the Golden Globes as part of her "protest" against the unfairness in Hollywood.

Michelle Williams is sparking outrage in the Hollywood community, as it was noted that Mark Wahlberg was paid $2 million for re-shoots of All the Money in the World. (Isn't it funny that she's complaining about the money she made on a film called "All the Money in the World?")

Anyways, Michelle Williams is trying to compare her "plight" to everyday women and the struggle they face trying to earn equal pay and prestige in the working world.

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This is Tarana Burke, one of the bravest and boldest non-violence protesters since Ghandi.

So why is a large group of the media and general public upset at Mark Wahlberg? Because Michelle Williams was paid around $2,000 for the re-shoots. And for that, she believes she is a victim. Let's explain the life of a victim, according to Michelle Williams.

Michelle Williams is the daughter of a successful stock trader and politician, she has likely never had a real job in her life, been told no, or ever faced any type of struggle in her life. Her father's connections got her a free pass in the front door of Hollywood and she has earned a personal net worth of $25 million. And for that, she feels that she in the position to front a movement started by a woman who came from a very modest background, who has seen the ugly and judgmental side of humanity first-hand.

The interesting thing about Tarana Burke is that she is so committed to her cause, that she walked the red carpet with Michelle Williams because even though I have to think she probably finds Michelle William's woes to be foolish and whiny, she knew that it would give her the opportunity to put herself out there for the people who "actually" need her cause.

As far as Michelle Williams is concerned, it should not her business to worry about what Mark Wahlberg earns. Wahlberg has generated nearly $4 billion in box office sales over the course of his career. Daddy didn't walk him into Hollywood, he came from a poor family in Boston and had to work very hard to get where he is. 

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Michelle Williams is talented, she has been nominated for an Academy Award four times, but Academy Awards are not given to movies that necessarily make a lot of money. And no matter how great of an actress someone is, there is a monetary bottom-line that must be met in order for a movie to succeed. Wahlberg continues to meet and exceed that bottom line, that's why he is paid a lot more.

Suggesting that Michelle Williams should be paid the same as Wahlberg is like suggesting that attorney Mark Geragos should be paid the same as a public defender. Geragos has successfully defended some of the most guilty people in history. So why would he collect the same amount as a guy (or girl), three months out of law school who can't get an innocent person out of a shoplifting charge? It doesn't make sense.

Michelle Williams needs to be upset at the folks negotiating her contracts, not at Wahlberg, and not at society. Period.

However, there are millions of people everyday who are subject to the bull shit that Tarana Burke is speaking of. People who don't have a team of agents and managers to back them up. People who have only their voice, and if Tarana Burke has anything to say about it, that shit's about to change. -EE

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