Saturday, April 7, 2018

What Do You Mean Marijuana "ISN'T" A Drug?

With marijuana slowly headed toward complete legalization across the U.S. It has become a common idea among enthusiasts is that marijuana in it's own right, is neither a drug, or is addictive. As you can see from the photo above however, Google doesn't agree, and neither do I.

No I didn't. I understand what people mean when they say that. 

People who follow the "marijuana is not addictive or should be considered a drug" thought process,think that if it's not cocaine, heroin, meth, pills, etc. and doesn't cause physical, emotional, and/or financial strain, then it's not a "drug." 

If you are one of these individuals I ask you "what makes you think marijuana DOESN'T cause physical, emotional, and/or financial strain? Is it because you cosign the idea that marijuana relaxes you? Well then, let me ask you this, what do you need to calm down from? Your job? 80% of the population doesn't smoke weed and manage to get through the work day. Your anxiety? Wow....that's impressive. 

Board-Certified psychiatrists go through many years of education in order to attempt to diagnose a patient in a field where everything is hypothetical, but you on the other hand, read an article or two, watched a YouTube video or three, and suddenly, you're an expert on all things psychologically, and you were able to diagnose yourself, how convenient!!

Yes, there are people who are prescribed marijuana for anxiety, or for other illnesses. I can't even tell you how many videos I've seen where weed halted a seizure, panic attack or worse. But does that mean it's "good" for everyone? No. Just like when people meet with a shrink, their recovery paths are not always the same. 

Ask yourself this question, millions of Americans drink "socially," but does that mean that EVERYONE can handle their alcohol? Of course not.

Alcohol, tobacco, and painkillers (when prescribed) are also legal. Are they for everyone? No.

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Have you ever stopped to think that the indifference you feel after the marijuana has worn off is maybe not anxiety, but perhaps a total loss of dopamine which is causing you to feel edgy?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in the brain’s so-called reward center, and is released in response to pleasurable stimuli like eating cake, having sex, reading and taking drugs, and why is marijuana different from all of the aforementioned activities? Simple, the other activities produce and sustain dopamine while marijuana only absorbs it. People who smoke weed all the time are addicted, or else they wouldn't do it "all the time."

The culprit in that statement is the word "addicted." Addicted is just one of those words that never gives off a positive vibe. If you brush your teeth everyday, or walk, jog, etc., you are addicted to those habits. Does that make them bad? Not at all. However the dark shadow society has placed on the word addicted, makes it offensive even when used 100% correctly.

Keep something in mind, millions of people smoke weed and live vivacious lives, I have partaken myself and the results were positive. But don't assume it's great for everyone. 

In closing, all I'm saying is don't underestimate what it can do...yea it's not oxycontin, but it's still is, and always will be a drug. -EE

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