Thursday, August 16, 2018

9 Helpful Tips for New Floridians

I actually wrote this post for my sister who has just moved to Florida, but my wife suggested I share it with everyone. 

Here are 9 helpful tips for anyone who is moving or considering relocation to Florida.

Look at you! You're taking a chance at a new life. Florida is a great place to live! But there are some things you should know now that you're a new Floridian.

#1. THE SEASONS - in Wisconsin, you have Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. In Florida we have 8 months of Summer and 4 months of Spring. Everyone wears flip flops, and they wear them all year round, purchase a good pair of flip flops or many pair if you desire, I suggest something athletic that can handle wear and tear, plus it beats having to find a pair of socks and life-draining process of putting on shoes.

#2. THE WILDLIFE - In Wisconsin you would have to visit the zoo to be able to encounter alligators, cranes, coyotes, armadillos and large shell turtles, here they walk the street. In Florida it's very common to also run into large (non-poisonous) racer snakes and six foot tall birds who don't fly away at first glance. Leave them alone and they'll leave you alone.

#3. THE CULTURE - People in Florida are generally more laid back and friendly, people aren't as concerned about race, religion, and/or politics like they are in Wisconsin.

#4. THE DRUGS - Yes, unfortunately Florida doesn't have a great reputation when it comes to the diversity of available drugs and the crimes often surrounding them (85% of the nations opiods are prescribed in FL). Rule of thumb...if you don't make a point of crossing paths with these type of folk, they won't make a point of bothering you.

#5. NO STATE TAXES!!! - That's right, you will not pay a state tax. But the fees for anything like registering a car ($485), or a speeding ticket of 5-10 mph over the legal limit ($375) are astronomical, you'll notice a lot of people would rather just drive around with their old plates because the costs are so high.

#6. THUNDERSTORMS - In Wisconsin you'll have a few storms every year that raise widespread panic and have the meterologists working overtime with watches and warnings and such. In Florida, you encounter storms like these at least once or twice a week...the interesting thing is that they never last for more than a couple hours. It's not uncommon for it to be mostly sunny at 2pm, mostly cloudy by 2:45pm and then "all hell breaking loose" at 3:00pm, and then back to mostly sunny at 4:00pm. 

#7. FUN - Florida has more restaurants, clubs, beaches and resorts than anyplace on Earth. Floridians are known for taking staycations or 1 - day vacations. The best part is that you don't have to waste hours of your life at an airplane terminal.

#8. THE BEACHES - Remember all the good times you had at Lake Winnebogosh and Lake Chimmicucabingo? Awesome! However, it is not recommended that you swim in any lake or pond in Florida. Alligators are everywhere. The oceans are a much safer bet or just go visit a friend with a pool, damn near everyone has one in Florida.

#9. DRIVING - In driver's education, they taught us that defensive driving will keep you free from harm. This is true in Florida, however, you will be required to make aggressive moves often. Get in where you fit in because EVERYONE else does.

Other than that, be happy, Florida averages 300 days of sunshine every year, and sunshine eludes to more Vitamin D which can make you happy and more positive........EE

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